Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Religion

Department ChairPeter Dlugos
Office Location: Room A-328A
: 201-493-3619

Departmental Secretary: Shailly Mahajan
Departmental Librarians: Professor Paula Williams 

The Bergen Community College program in Philosophy and Religion provides students with opportunities to study in two related but distinct fields of academic inquiry: Philosophy and Religious studies. 

The BCC program in Philosophy introduces students to the basic principles and techniques of logical thinking and argumentation, to the history of philosophical thought, to the basic problems of philosophy (What is real? What can be known? What is really worthwhile?), and to a set of methods by which contemporary moral, social, and political problems may be clearly understood and perhaps resolved. 

The Religious Studies program introduces students to the basic problems and methods of theology; to the sacred literatures of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religious traditions; and to the history, basic beliefs, and characteristic practices of the major religions of the world.