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Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Phi Theta Kappa Bergen Community college 

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society to recognize and encourage scholarship specifically among community college students. Students at Bergen are invited to join each semester after they have earned a minimum grade point average in a minimum of twelve credits taken at BCC and are enrolled in a degree program. For details, see http://alphaepsilonphi.ning.com/membercrit or http://www.ptk.org/directories/chapters/NJ/65-1.htm 

Members of our chapter, Alpha Epsilon Phi, organize opportunities for intellectual, social, and personal development through participation in scholarship and service activities. Phi Theta Kappa members receive preferential attention in their applications for college transfer and for scholarships, many of which are only open to Phi Theta Kappa members.  

Alpha Epsilon Phi is an active society on campus. To maintain enhanced membership within the Chapter, atten-dance at meetings and/or service is necessary. Participation equates to approximately eight hours per year, and the type of service changes from year to year depending on the chapter’s executive committee. Independent community service will not be considered as service to the Chapter. During the past ten years, the annual time devoted to Phi Theta Kappa by a member is approximately 15 hours.​

PTK Advisors:

Membership Requirements

  1. New Members - Qualified students are selected from those who are registered for the fall or spring semesters. Membership is not open during the summer session. Students must be invited to join by the College President. Students will receive a letter in the mail if they qualify. 
  2. Continued Membership - Qualified students will retain membership as long as they are actively registered in the fall and spring semester between induction and graduation. PTK members are not required to attend summer sessions.
  3. Eligible Degree Programs - Students in the following degree programs are eligible for continued and new membership: A.A. Degree, A.S. Degree, A.A.S. Degree.
  4. Continued Membership - Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. Students who fall below a 3.5 cumulative grade point average will lose their membership in the Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter.
  5. All Grades are Considered - Grades in all degree and non-degree courses from all semesters and sessions during which time the student took course work at Bergen Community College are considered in determining the qualifying cumulative GPA of new members and the retention of continuing members.
  6. Transfer Students - Students who have transferred to Bergen Community College may apply for consideration for membership using the “Degree Credit Earned” category. Each student must be assessed on a case-by-case basis and must make an appointment with the Phi Theta Kappa advisor or co-advisor.
  7. Leave of Absence - Students who take a leave of absence must notify the Phi Theta Kappa advisor in writing on their return to reactivate member status.
  8. Grade Point Average  - New Members. Students must achieve the following cumulative GPA based on degree credits attempted or earned:
Credits Category
Qualifying GPA* Credits Attempted**
Credits Earned**
1 4.0 12 - 15
12 - 15
2 3.9 - 4.0
16 - 31
16 - 31
3 3.8 - 4.0
32 - 47 32 - 47
4 3.65 - 4.0
48+ 48+

* The qualifying GPA includes grades in all degree as well as non-degree courses.

** Attempted and/or earned credits in non-degree credits courses are not used to determine minimum credits in these categories.

Where the number of degree credits earned and number of degree credits attempted fall into different categories, the qualifying GPA is determined by the category that has the least number of credits. 

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