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Basic Skills Placement Test: Bergen Community College requires that all degree-seeking students and all non-degree seeking students take a Basic Skills Placement Test in reading, writing, computation, and algebra.

Who must take a Basic Skills Placement Test?

  • All students in a degree or certificate program are required to test before registering for any courses
  • All students who are not in a degree or certificate program but, who wish to register for an English or mathematics course
  • All students not in a degree or certificate program who have accumulated 11 attempted credits. Attempted credits are based on all courses for which one of the following grades have been issued: A, B+, B, C+, C, D, R, E, W, AU, Q, N, or INC
  • Levels of EnglishProficiency Test (LOEP): International students or students for whom English is not their native language may be required to take an English language proficiency test. This test measures proficiency in reading, writing and grammar. The results of this test may place students into the American Language Program (ALP). If you are placed into the ALP, you must complete this program before you may take any other courses. Once you have successfully completed the ALP, you must take the mathematics portion of the basic skills placement test.

Who must take the English Language Proficiency Test?

  • International students on F-1 visas
  • Non-native speakers of English who have completed fewer than three years in an American high school or have been in the United States for fewer than eight years without formal English language training or have passed the GED examination in a language other than English

Please note: Either testing requirement may be waived based upon previous placement testing, SAT scores or college-level course work. Contact the Office of Testing and Services, S-127, 201-447-7203, or Office of Testing Services for further information or to schedule an examination.