Transfer Students

In October, 2014, new NJ STARS regulations were signed allowing students who rank in the top 15% of their class at the end of either their junior or senior year of high school to be potentially eligible for the NJ STARS Program. If you did not take advantage of your NJ STARS eligibility immediately following high school graduation, you may still be eligible. Students must activate their NJ STARS eligibility by the 5th semester following high school graduation in order to be eligible. Students must also comply with the following criteria:

Apply to Bergen Community College and declare a major. Apply online. If you are unsure of which major to declare, choose liberal arts.  BCC has an open enrollment policy; however, students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
Graduate in the top 15.0% your high school class at the end of senior year based on weighted rank. Send the final, official transcript with final, weighted class rank to the College at ATTN: NJ STARS. Please send as soon as possible. Fall 2014 deadline is July 18th.
Submit any test scores/transcripts to display college readiness. Must be displayed by September 1st one year following high school graduation College readiness is displayed by any of the following:
* SAT Scores: 540 reading, 530 math, 540 writing
* ACT Scores: 23 reading, 20 math, 23 composite
* AP or CLEP scores
* CAP classes in English or math
* College level English or math taken at another regionally accredited institution

NOTE: Additional placement testing is required for student pursuing a major which requires pre-calculus.

Official scores and transcripts need to be submitted. Students should bring copies (official or unofficial) on the day of registration. 
Prior to registering for the first semester. Students are not eligible for NJ STARS until college readiness has been displayed.
Students should bring copies of scores and transcripts with them the day of registration.
Students who do not display college readiness by September 1st one year following high school graduation forfeit their NJ STARS eligibility. 
Declare a degree-seeking major (A.A.; A.S.; A.A.S.). Students can declare a major while applying to the college. If you are unsure, declare Liberal Arts. If a student does not declare a major at this point, students must visit the Student Services Office in Pemberton or Mt. Laurel to declare a major. Upon applying to BCC. NJ STARS and other financial aid programs cannot be awarding to a non-declared account.
Request a final, official high school transcript to be sent to BCC to confirm high school graduation. As soon as you apply to BCC. Transcripts must be addressed to ATTN: NJ STARS  As soon as possible when considering enrollment.
Complete the FAFSA application for federal aid. Make BCC the first choice college (college code 004736). 1. Complete the appropriate aid year FAFSA. Make BCC the first choice college.
College Code: 004736

If you have already completed the FAFSA with another institution as first choice, you must update the first choice college code to BCC!
Contact Financial Aid with any questions at
Fax: 201-612-9823
Email:[email protected] 
Priority deadline:
for Fall 2014/Spring 2015:
April 2014
State deadlines (2013-2014 Academic Year):
Returning students: June 1, 2014
All other applicants (Fall semester or full academic year) - October 1, 2014
All other applicants (Spring semester only) - March 1, 2015 
Complete required state financial aid paperwork. Indicate BCC as first choice school. Visit and click “Report Additional Information for State Aid.”
Updating the FAFSA first choice college does not get reported to HESAA.
Any college code changes require direct contact to HESAA: 800-792-8670 
Priority deadline:
for Fall 2014/Spring 2015:
April 2014
State deadlines (2013-2014 Academic Year):
Returning students: June 1, 2014
All other applicants (Fall semester or full
academic year) - October 1, 2014
All other applicants (Spring semester only) - March 1, 2015 
Complete the Verification Process for Federal and/or State aid. If selected for verification, submit all required paperwork to the BCC Financial Aid office.
Delays in supplying any requested documentation can impact processing of financial aid applications/scholarships.
For more information, visit
Fax: 201-612-9823
Email: [email protected] 
Please refer to the financial aid, federal and state websites for deadlines and procedures
Submit any other college transcripts Official transcripts must be sent to Registration to be evaluated for transfer credit. Students may use unofficial copies of transcripts for initial registration. Unofficial copies should accompany the student on the day of registration. Official copies should be received before registration for the students second semester.
Register for courses & sign NJ STARS contract. Make an appointment with the Coordinator of NJ STARS to schedule classes and review/sign the NJ STARS contract.
Contact info: [email protected] 
Prior to the beginning of the semester.
Make payment arrangements for all fees. * NJ STARS covers tuition only for 12-18 credits per semester, no summer funding available. The remainder of the cost of attendance is the responsibility of the student.
*Transfer students may need to pay in full and can be reimbursed. *
Payment on fees can be made once NJ STARS funding is awarded to the students account. Students will be sent an award letter from financial aid and the award will appear on the students’ Portal account.  Ideally before the payment deadlines for each semester. Please refer to the Bursar Office for payment deadlines and policies.
Registration after the payment deadlines will result in same day payment being required.
Students who are missing financial aid or academic criteria may need to pay up front in full and are eligible for reimbursement.  
Become familiar with your BCC Portal accounts. Login into your BCC Portal change your password. Use these tools daily as it is the main means of communication between you and school. As soon as you are given access to the accounts.