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Bergen Community College

*After downloading a PowerPoint presentation, click to open or save, click Enable Editing, then click Enable Content. To start the presentation, click on the Slide Show tab, and then click From Beginning.  

If you do not wish to listen to the audio comments, please mute your computer speakers. 

If you do not have Microsoft Office PowerPoint software, you can download the free Microsoft Office PowerPoint viewer to see the slideshow by clicking here.

FAFSA Resources*

*Important- Please note that Bergen Community College (Code 004736) must be your first or only choice in order for NJ STARS processing to complete.  College choices can be changed on the FAFSA if Bergen Community College is not listed first.

HESSA Resources (Higher Education Student Assistance Authority)

*Important- When adding or changing your school choice in the HESAA student portal, you must choose Bergen Community College from the drop down list in order for NJ STARS processing to complete. Click on How to Add or Change Your HESAA School Choice above for instructions.

NJCCC (New Jersey Council of Community Colleges)

State of New Jersey