NJ STARS Parents


The New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship, NJ STARS, is a merit-based scholarship exclusively for New Jersey residents identified in the top 15% of their class at the end of either their junior or senior year of high school.

Initial Eligibility Requirements for NJ STARS

In order to qualify for NJ STARS, students must rank in the top 15% of their class at the end of either their junior or senior year of high school class.  Following high school graduation, students must display college readiness for English and math by presenting: SAT/ACT scores, Accuplacer test scores, AP scores, CAP courses and/or college-level English and math taken at another accredited institution. Students have one year following high school graduation to display college readiness for English and math.

Note: For students pursuing degrees requiring pre-calculus or calculus, an additional placement test may be required.

Required Scores for College Readiness:


Critical Reading 540 Math 53


Reading 20
Math 23 
Composite 23

My son or daughter meets the initial eligibility criteria for NJ STARS, now what?

After meeting the initial eligibility criteria, the FAFSA must be completed with Bergen Community Community College (BCC) as the first choice college (college code 004736).  For more information, please visit How to Complete Your FAFSA.

Additional information also needs to be reported to determine eligibility for state aid.  Students can go to www.njgrants.org and click on Report Additional Information for State Aid.

For more information or assistance on Financial Aid at Bergen Community College, please visit the Office of Financial Aid webpages.

Applying as an NJ STARS Student at Bergen Community College

Once a student's academic eligibility has been determined, they must apply for the NJ STARS program.  After determining potential eligibility, students must apply to the NJ STARS program.  Please access the Next Steps and How to Apply to the NJ STARS Program tabs located on the purple sidebar on the left side of this page.

What Does NJ STARS Cover?

NJ STARS will pay for tuition only for 12-18 college-level credits in fall and spring semesters (currently, funds are not available to cover summer courses).  Books, student fees and supplies are not covered by NJ STARS.  Students are eligible for five semesters of funding.

How Maintain NJ STARS Eligibility

To maintain NJ STARS eligibility, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and maintain continuous full-time enrollment (12 college-level credits) in fall and spring semesters.  The FAFSA and state information reporting must also be completed each year by the required deadlines. 

In order to qualify for NJ STARS II, students must graduate as a NJ STARS student with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA as well as have a family income (taxable and untaxed income) less than $250,000.  NJ STARS does not guarantee acceptance at the four-year institution; students must meet all acceptance criteria and adhere to the admissions deadlines required by the four-year transfer institution.  For more information, please visit www.njstars.net.

 Important Reminders

  • Registration for summer and fall courses has begun. Encourage your son or daughter to register early for the best possible schedule.
  • Financial Aid Deadlines:
  • Payment for fees are due upon registration of classes.  If the FAFSA or state financial aid applications have not been completed by the dates above, payment will be due the day of registration.
  • Students should communicate any changes to his or her schedule after payment deadlines to an NJ STARS Counselor prior to making them.  Dropping and adding classes may result in a balance being owed by the student, which if left unpaid will result in the student being dropped from all courses.
  • Encourage students to meet with an academic advisor each semester to plan their schedules accordingly.
  • It is never too early to start planning for transfer.  Encourage students to meet with the NJ STARS Transfer Counselor early on in their college career.  Proper planning will be imperative to successful transfer. Some bachelor degree completion agreements that BCC has with other schools require the student to enroll in the agreement before his or her second semester.  For more information on transfer services including guaranteed admissions and articulation agreements, please visit Transfer & Articulation Services.

FERPA Regulations

The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the confidentiality of a students academic records and prohibits the college from releasing information about the student to anyone but the student.  This legislation requires verification of the students identity to release information and prohibits information being released over the phone or to a parent, family member, friend, etc. without the students consent. FERPA consent forms are available for the student to complete authorizing the college to release certain information to individuals whom the student identifies.  FERPA.