JKW School of Honors

The Judith K. Winn School of Honors is an academic program offering advanced course work to the college's highest achieving, most motivated students: incoming freshmen, transfer and continuing students. Taught by scholarly faculty with a commitment to Honors, our curriculum provides select students with an enriched academic experience to foster intellectual growth and enhance their competitiveness in admissions to excellent universities.  

 JKW School of Honors Hosts Beacon 2016

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The School of Honors offers:

  • Smaller, highly interactive and challenging classes
  • Highly motivated peers and experienced faculty
  • Field trips to four-year colleges
  • Transfer seminars
  • Use of Honors Lounge
  • Honors credits recorded on your transcript
  • Honors diploma
  • Honors awards

The Honors program typically offers close to thirty Honors sections of mostly General Education courses and the schedule reflects the course sequence as well. For example, if we offer a LIT 203 World Literature till 1650 in the fall, its sequence, LIT 204 World Literature from 1650 till the Present, will be offered in the spring. We also make an attempt to pair courses by scheduling World History and World Literature the same semester, if possible. 

To register for Honors courses, please visit WebAdvisor, select the desired semester, check the HONORS box, and Submit for a full listing of courses. For more information, please call (201) 493-3567.

Honors Students Testimonials

The JKW school of Honors has changed my entire BCC experience. I have met so many wonderful, like-minded students and professors that have taken personal time to push me to do my best. Honors not only satisfied my thirst for classroom engagement, but has opened the door to new opportunities and friendships that have impacted my life for the long-haul. It gave me an unexpected, panoramic view of campus activities and student-life.” -  Isra Eldosougi, Honors Association President

Every 'A' counts, but an honors 'A' counts more. That's why the JKW School of Honors and Honors classes are awesome.” - Woo Je Kim, Honors Association Officer

"I most fondly remember being surrounded by the some of the brightest and most driven students I've ever known. Some of us were fresh out of high school and some of us had taken less direct paths, but those that were a part of Bergen Honors were motivated to get the most out of their education. For me, the most significant part of the learning experience was the opportunity to really connect with professors personally. This was great preparation for moving on to a huge university like Michigan." - Riordan D’Lasnow, University of Michigan

JKW School of Honors has enhanced my experience at Bergen Community College more than I'd realized, as well as prepared me for Columbia University!” - Ayah Eldosougi, Columbia University, School of General Studies

The Judith K. Winn School of Honors allowed me to take part in a challenging experience where I was motivated to work harder, and learn more. Honors classes, both in sciences and humanities, encouraged me to connect with talented peers, and inspiring faculty members, and prepared me to succeed in a 4-year institution.” - Maria De Abreu, Stevens Institute of Technology

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