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General Education Program

“Bergen Community College recognizes that a general education is composed of two inextricably related components: (1) a set of processes that involves the gathering, interpretation, and presentation of knowledge and (2) a body of knowledge that is common to all well-educated individuals. Although some courses will focus on process activities (e.g., English Composition I and II and Speech Communication) and other courses will focus on presenting a discrete body of knowledge (e.g., courses in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, the Humanities, the Social Sciences, History), there is a fundamental interaction between the process and content levels of education, which is evident throughout the general education program at Bergen Community College.” (Introduction to the Goals and Objectives of BCC Gen Ed Program, Approved by BCC Senate Feb 3, 1988, Revised summer 2013)

General Education requirements refer to a program of courses that students seeking degrees must take in order for them to be considered well-rounded in their education.  In September of 2008, the State of New Jersey enacted the Lampitt Bill which pertains to the transfer of credits from two-year colleges to four-year institutions in New Jersey.  This Bill has had an impact on the shaping of the general education at BCC as well as other community colleges in the state.