Senator Title & Department Email Ext.
Admin. Lindsay Maurer Executive Director, Foundation [email protected] 7157
At-Large Jaymee Griffin
Director, Achieving the Dream [email protected] 5014
  Ruth Ann Heck Executive Secretary, Center
 for Institutional Research
[email protected] 7656
Carol Clarke Executive Secretary,
 President's Office
[email protected] 7530
  Diana Davis Generalist, Human Resources [email protected] 1683
  Dawn Kozlowski Associate Dean, Nursing [email protected] 7960
  Bridget McLaughlin Gift Coordinator, Foundation [email protected] 7432
Deans Denise Ligouri Dean, Student Affairs at CLC [email protected] 7480
  Michael DiBartolomeo Dean, Enrollment Services [email protected] 3045
  P J Ricatto Dean, Division of Math,
 Science & Technology
[email protected] 3572
Lisa DiGaetano Managing Director,
 User Support
[email protected] 7125
  Tracy Miceli Managing Director,
 Events Planning
[email protected] 7629
  Magali Muniz Managing Director,
 Student Affairs
[email protected] 7006
  Caroline Ofodile Managing Director of F.O./S.A.,
 Accounting Department
[email protected] 9242
Jennifer Flynn Coordinator, Office of
 Specialized Services
[email protected] 3778
  Catherine Krostek Enrollment Services Coordinator,
 Enrollment Department 
[email protected] 7055
  Kim Makoe Sr. Scheduler & Facilities Planner,
 Curriculum & Acad. Scheduling
[email protected] 9234
  Monica Postle Coordinator, Student Success
 at CLC
[email protected] 5332
  Kim Ritchie Help Desk Manager, Information
 Technology Services
[email protected] 1295
  Elsa Valcarcel Professional Assistant,
 Enrollment Management
[email protected] 3579
Barbara Bliss Senior Secretary,
 Arts Department
[email protected] 7143
  Carolyn Lyons Coordinator,
 Admissions Department
[email protected] 3684
  Kevin Porro Senior Payroll Assistant,
[email protected] 7901
  Meaghan Verile Senior Secretary,
 Financial Aid
[email protected] 7010