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Professional Staff


  • Jennifer Flynn – Having worked for the College for several years in a few different areas, Jennifer feels that she can bring a unique perspective to the Staff Senate.  She believes it is important to give a voice to everyone and try to bring about a positive change to the College Community as a whole.
  • David Hamoui - David currently serves under the Professional Staff as Testing and Tutorial Supervisor at the Meadowlands Campus. His relationship with BCC began in September of 2004 when he started my first semester as a student. Soon thereafter he obtained a part-time position at the college as a peer tutor assisting fellow students in their mathematics courses. He graduated in December of 2006 with an Associate’s Degree in General Science and transferred to NJIT to pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics. While attending NJIT he continued to work at Bergen in a part-time capacity and was elated to obtain a full-time position as Testing and Tutorial supervisor after graduation. He was very happy to be able to complete my M.S. in Applied Statistics at Montclair State University and maintain my full-time position at Bergen. Although some days my responsibilities to my job and my courses seemed daunting, he was glad to remain a part of BCC. He also served as an adjunct professor of developmental mathematics for 3 semesters.    Since his first day as a student BCC has been a second home to me, and many of the faculty and staff have become my second family. That is why he would like to be a part of the Staff Senate. He would be honored and excited for this additional opportunity to contribute to the BCC community. This blurb can only tell you so much about his motivation and enthusiasm for this position. He would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my background, vision, and interest with you. Thank you for your consideration in this exciting opportunity. 
  • Kim Makoe – With a job that interacts daily with administrators, staff and faculty, Kim has a unique vantage point of how issues relate at many levels.  Serving on the Staff Senate would afford Kim the opportunity to share insight on issues that have a major impact to the entire college.  As issues are brought to the Staff Senate, she will have a broader understanding of the changes that are to be implemented in scheduling around the campus. 
  • Esther Mills
  • Kim Ritchie - Kim feels strongly about the bullet points presented in the Proposal for Staff Senate, especially fostering a spirit of unity and pride, promoting communication, and reviewing existing college policies and making recommendations. She feels she can make a difference, and looks forward to the opportunity to do so.
  • Milind Samant - Milind would like an opportunity to experience to work on the Staff Senate from its inception, strengthen his networking abilities, receive first-hand knowledge of institutional issue, participate in decision-making processes and contribute toward the strategic visioning for Bergen Community College.