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Managing Directors


  • Lisa DiGaetano
  • Jude Fleurismond – Jude submits his name with great pleasure as a candidate for the Staff Senate. He currently serves as Managing Director of Admissions & Recruitment at the college. He has also held the position of Director of Student Recruitment.  Jude has been at Bergen for nearly four years and serves in a critical leadership role within the Student Affairs division at the College. Understanding the needs of our students is his most important responsibility when recruiting students. He is also the current Chairman of the Faculty Senate College Wide Admissions Committee- in this role he works closely with faculty to ensure our admissions policies best serve students. In addition, he is an active member of the African American Advisory council. Finally, within his home community he has served the Boy Scouts of America and various youth groups. He has been a leader in higher education for over a decade and looks forward to the opportunity to participate on the Staff Senate. As a member of the Staff Senate he can further serve the students and college community on the path to success. His experiences at the college will enable him to relate to, represent and support all levels of staff.
  • Ilene Kleinman
  • Magali Muniz - With over 20 years of professional experience, Magali is an administrator, proven leader and goal orientated individual who has through transparency taken on initiatives with proven success within the academia by managing resources, intensive projects and organizational involvement. An organizer who believes in ‘open door policy’ for our students, empowerment, coordination and observation analysis are just to name a few. She is an advocate of implementing dynamic, compelling solutions to the ongoing objectives of The Meadowlands and our overall student success.  She is a ‘student’ advocate and visionary of excellence coupled with expectations and innovation. Being diligent and purposeful in implementing improved methods and best possible student information services that optimizes curriculum success, retention and quality of life.  It would be her honor to serve on the staff senate.  Thank You for your consideration.
  • Caroline Ofodile