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  • Sharon Audet - Sharon would be honored to serve on the staff senate. She is currently the executive director of financial aid. She has worked at both 2 year and 4 year institutions in a leadership role for over 25 years. She is a member of NASFAA, NJASFAA and ASUG. Sharon is always striving to suggest and incorporate best practices into the department/division. If given the opportunity, she would continue to research and suggest best practices within the college community in order to improve services for staff and students.


  • Denise Ligouri - It would be Denise's honor to serve on the Staff Senate. Her years of experience working in the Division of Student Affairs in the areas of Disability Services, Deaf Services, Counseling, Student Life, Retention, EOF, Student Customer Service, Admissions and Registration would make her an asset to this new organization.  Denise's depth and breadth of experience at Bergen gives her a unique insight, and perspective that can be drawn upon within this new organization.   She also welcomes the opportunity to be the ‘voice’ of the Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center representing its distinctive needs and characteristics.  


  • Nestor Melendez - As Nestor reviewed each of the charges listed and reflected on his career at Bergen, he found that he had already participated in a number of these efforts.  The post of Dean allows for him to interact with every level of the communities that make up this institution and have a ground level view of, not only, the concerns associated with Bergen, but also of the places where we do great work collectively.  His position responsibilities have engaged each of the charges listed in my collaborative work with students, faculty, staff and administration.  He finds he has privileged and unique insight into the dynamics of this College having been exposed to every tier of the organizational structure, which will allow him to analyze and understand where logjams and problems may exist.  Also, he feels he has presented many ideas that have helped shape and inform some of the best practices we currently use.  To have been nominated to be part of a formal process that will address and monitor how the College moves forward in these bullet points is a serious responsibility and one that should be undertaken with an eye towards integrity and ethics and also compassion and understanding. 

    Creating the best community college experience is not only a goal we must strive to achieve for our students, but one that must be shared and actively engaged at every level of this institution.  Nestor would be happy to have his name among the people who will work to make a difference in the efforts we collectively put forth as a distinguished community college.  Thank you for your consideration.


  • PJ Ricatto