Committee Description
Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Dawn Kozlowski, Chair
Carol Clarke
Lisa DiGaetano
The committee shall consist of no less than three (3) members appointed by the Staff Senate President.  This committee shall review the overall content and format of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Staff Senate and make recommendations to the membership for appropriate changes annually.  It is intended that this committee will make a complete review of the Constitution and Bylaws at least once every four years.  

The committee shall supervise and direct all activities required to accomplish the revision of the Staff Senate Constitution and Bylaws (as required) and distribution of a copy to all members if significant changes are made:

  • Obtain copies of the current Constitution and Bylaws from the Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Contact the current chairpersons of each Standing Committee and review the membership, function, and duties to assure that the description of the same, as included in the document, are appropriate.
  • Prepare a revised draft of the Constitution and Bylaws and submit to the Staff Senate for approval.
Elections Committee

Denise Ligouri, Chair
Carolyn Lyons
Kim Makoe
This committee shall consist of no less than three (3) members appointed by the Staff Senate President.  The Elections Committee is responsible for soliciting and holding elections for Staff Senate membership and officers. The Elections Committee will provide information on Staff Senate elections processes.
Public Relations Committee

Catherine Krostek, Chair
Diana Davis
Pamela Forte
To assist the Executive Team and membership in their responsibility to maintain a positive image of the Staff Senate within the college community by planning for and monitoring public relations and publicity.
Staff Growth and Professional Development Committee

Pamela Forte, Chair
Magali Muniz
PJ Ricatto
The Staff Growth and Professional Development Committee identifies professional development needs based on reported issues and membership feedback.  Based on its findings, the committee recommends specific programs and oversees their implementation.  The committee also evaluates the effectiveness of each program.

Community Member Engagement/
Member Recognition Committee

Kim Ritchie, Chair
Gregory Reilly
Jamie Smigelski
The functions of the Community Member Engagement/Member Recognition Committee are to identify and implement 2 member engagement and /or member recognition activities on an annual basis.  The committee will also select and/or call for nominations of candidates for other honors and awards that may be created.

 College Council Committee Senate Member/Members
Budget Committee

Jamie Smigelski                                                                                             
Communication Committee
Catherine Krostek
Constitution Committee
Dawn Kozlowski
Policy Committee
Kim Ritchie
Social and Cultural Affairs Committee Jamie Smigelski, Chair
Kim Ritchie
Strategic Planning Committee PJ Ricatto