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  • Jessica Montanaro - Jessica would like to serve on Staff Senate because she wants to enhance her involvement on campus to a college-wide level and contribute to the success of our policies and procedures. To her, this success is defined by what is in the best interest of our students. Since beginning a career in higher education in 2009, she has always been interested in policy and how it is designed to fit the population’s needs. Being a counselor, she is devoted to and passionate about making our college processes into a positive and motivating experience for the student. She is confident she has the experience, skills and dedication required to fill a position on BCC’s Staff Senate. 


  • Jamie Smigelski - In my position as 1-2-3 Connect (Title V) Grant Counselor, I feel I have a unique perspective to bring to the table based on the interactions I have on a daily basis around campus. Since my job responsibilities are broad, I regularly interact with members of many different offices and individuals here on campus. I bring a variety of different experiences from my past positions, which include experience in a large state school environments and small, private liberal arts environments. I feel I can offer a different perspective and lens when talking about things relating to Bergen staff, and offer ideas and suggestions that I have seen work well other places. When I first came to Bergen in September 2012, I had to work very hard to figure out Bergen. I would like to help future staff members by possibly helping with some of things I struggled with. I see great potential in the future of Bergen, and I would love to be a part of shaping what Bergen looks like in the future for staff members.


  • Robin Wanner - Robin is interested in expanding her service to the college and to continue to support Bergen's vision and mission.