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Timely Budget Expenditures
For all grants, unless otherwise specified by the funding agency, expenditures must be completed within the time frame of the grant project. For example, Education DepartmentGeneral Administration Regulations (EDGAR) Section 80.23 (b) stipulates that all funds must be obligated (encumbered and delivered) by June 30, 20xx and liquidated (paid) by September 30, 20xx, for a grant project that operates between July 1 and June 30. For other requirements, consult your grant project contract.

Policy and Procedure Concerning Expenditure of Federal Funds to Supplement Projects at Bergen Community College
Bergen Community College operations are consistent with Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations guidelines. Grant funded projects are designed and developed for the purpose of supplementing programs and services through resources that are not be available in BCC's normal operating budget. A program development and proposal review committee ensures grant funds, especially those provided through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Grant Program, are not used to supplant college funds.