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Whos Who on the Council

The College Council (CC) is a campus-wide review and recommending body formed by Board of Trustee resolution (Appendix I) on month/day/year (Appendix I). The CC reports to the college President.

The CC includes representation from full and part-time faculty, staff, students, and administration. The CC focuses on excellence from a college-wide perspective and facilitates dialogue and communication by creating an integrated voice and utilizing the expertise of the entire college community.

The CC is dynamic body which evolves to changes in the community, college leadership, government actions, and educational needs. The most recent reflection of the CC's duties are covered in a memorandum of understanding 2/25/13.

College Council Board

  • Dr. Tobyn DeMarco - Co-Chair
  • Mr. Jim Miller - Co-Chair
  • Mr. Victor Anaya - Liaison to Dr. Walter
  • Ms. Kim Ritchie - Secretary
  • Dr. Alan Kaufman - Member - Chair of Faculty Senate
  • Ms. Laura Zottarelli - Member - President of the SGA
  • Ms. Michelle Correa - Member - Vice President of the SGA
  • Dr. Dawn Kozlowski - Member - President of Staff Senate
  • Professor Brian Cordell - Member
  • Professor Joan Cohen - Member
  • Professor Laurie Hodge - Member
  • Dr. P.J. Ricatto - Member
  • Ms. Jaymee Griffin - Member