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Council Elections

We are thankful to the 39 members who served during the 2008-2009 inaugural year of the College Council, the 39 members who served during 2009-2010, and the 35 members who served during 2010-2011.  On the ballot for the 2011-2012 Council Session are 14 candidates.  The election period is scheduled from Monday, September 26, 2011 through Friday, September 30, 2011.  Council representatives are elected for two-year terms; therefore, approximately one-half of the Council is elected each year, leaving in place a Council one-half of which are experienced representatives.  This was also done so that we can ensure annual College Council elections.  
Members may not serve more than four (4) years consecutively on the Council.  As we all know our College has become a large and diverse community which will be well-served by having a forum where our many voices can be heard as we face the challenges ahead.  We on the Council believe that the greatest likelihood of finding the best solutions comes from having difficult yet necessary conversations.
There are four categories of candidates for election:  Part-Time Faculty and Temporary Part-Time Staff, Full-Time Faculty (including Technical & Professional Assistants), Support Staff, and Administrative/Professional Staff.  Voting will be by category, for example, only members of the Support Staff will vote for Support Staff candidates.  There are some employees who do not fit “neatly” into traditional definitions, such as project personnel and confidential employees.  
Council representatives have made every effort to place these employees into the most closely affiliated group.  Student representatives to the College Council are selected by a separate process.
Voting will be conducted online by an independent company that specializes in elections such as this.  Each employee will have a unique login name and password which will be e-mailed to you when the election period begins.  Employees may vote for as many seats as their group has open on the Council in any particular year.  This year, for example, there are four (4) Full-Time Faculty positions open, so Full-Time Faculty may vote for up to four candidates.  For all open positions during any election, the top vote-getters in each constituency will become representatives and an equal number of the next highest vote-getters will be designated as alternates.  Should a seat on the Council become vacant, the Council Chair may appoint an alternate from the same constituency to serve the balance of the term.

College Council Voting Information 

    • Voting for the College Council is by affiliation, that is, Support Staff vote for Support Staff, Full-Time Faculty vote for Full-Time Faculty, etc.
    • Voting is online.  You can vote from any computer connected to the Internet.  You do not have to be on campus.  You do not have to have a BCC login.
    • Voting will begin at 1:00 AM on Monday, September 26, and end at 11:59 PM on Friday, September 30. We strongly suggest that you vote early so if there are any difficulties there is time to assist you before voting closes.
    • In order to vote you need a user name and password. (See "How Do You Vote" instructions below).  You will receive an e-mail with your user name and password once the ballot is open.
    • Election results will be available Monday morning, October 3, 2011.

How Do You Vote

    • To access the website, you can either type this website address into your browser window or click the following live link: https://eballot4.votenet.com/bergen/login.cfm
    • The first screen is the login screen.  Enter the login name and password you received via e-mail for this purpose.  You will receive this e-mail once the ballot is open (Monday, September 26).
    • After you login you should next see a screen for your group with a green Start arrow.  Click on the green Start arrow and you will go to screen with the list of candidates for your group and where you will cast your ballot.  Next to each candidate’s name is the word ‘details.’  If you click on ‘details’ you will see the candidate’s picture and statement. 
    • Select your chosen candidate(s).  Click on the orange arrow that says ‘next.’  This screen allows you to review your ballot, give Participant Consent to your selections via a checkbox, and submit your vote.  To submit your vote, click on the green ‘Submit’ arrow.  You may vote for as many candidates as there are seats available for your group.  You do not have to vote for the maximum number of seats available.  Ballots with fewer votes are perfectly acceptable.
    • What to do if you have a problem?  We hope that everything goes smoothly but it is always possible that an unforeseen problem could occur.  See the list below for potential problems and possible solutions.

Some Possible Problems and Solutions With Online Voting

    • Problem: You enter the address of the voting site in the Internet browser and you don’t get the login page.  Answer:  Most likely you typed the address incorrectly. Try it again.
    • Problem: You type in your username and password and you get a message that Your Login is Invalid.  Answer:  You may have typed the information incorrectly. Try it again.
    • Problem: You tried several times to type in your username and password but still get the Your Login is Invalid message.  Answer:   Double check that you are using the username and password exactly as you received it in the e-mail.
    • Problem: You tried everything and are still not getting your ballot.  Answer:  Contact: to be updated at a later date.
    • Problem: You type in your username and password; you get a ballot but you think it is the wrong ballot.  Answer:  Don’t vote.  Close the browser.  Contact: to be updated at a later date. 
    • Problem: You type in your username and password; you get a ballot to look at but decide not to vote yet.  You want to consider your choices some more.  Answer: There is no problem. Just logout of the browser. You can log back in as often as you like as long as you have not submitted your vote.

(To be updated at a later date.)