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Online Tutoring With Smarthinking.Com


SMARTHINKING provides web-based tutoring. Their service supplements the Learning Center's existing academic support services by offering real-time online tutoring with "e-instructors" and homework help for core courses and skills 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SMARTHINKING's "e-instructors" are experienced, credentialed, trained and ready to help students as soon as they sign with their assigned username and password (assigned through the Tutoring Center).

Students can access live tutorials in writing across all subjects, math, accounting, statistics and economics, as well as a full range of study resources, including writing manuals, sample problems, research tools, and study skills manuals. Students can access the service from wherever they have a connection to the Internet. SMARTHINKING is not an answering or proofreading/editing service.

Bergen Community College brought SMARTHINKING in to add another learning option for Bergen Community College's students. Whether students are stuck at 2AM on a problem set that is due on their instructor's desk in the morning, or need extra help communicating their thoughts in their writing assignments, SMARTHINKING can assist them.

For further information about SMARTHINKING, please check out their website.

Specific courses that SMARTHINKING offers online tutorial support for include:

  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry (also Organic Chemistry)
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Intro Human A & P and Biology
  • Introductory Finance

If you want to apply for a SMARTHINKING account, you must first submit an online application form or in person in room L-125.

How to Register for Online Tutoring Offered Through SMARTHINKING

  1. Any registered student at Bergen Community College taking courses online or on campus that correspond with the courses offered through SMARTHINKING is eligible to receive this service. (Students who are taking online courses at Bergen Community College, but who are registered with one of the 18 other community colleges in New Jersey, need to obtain online tutoring services from their home college.)
  2. This service is open to all registered students at Bergen Community College. However, not all students are guaranteed an account, because assignments of SMARTHINKING accounts are done on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Students will need to register with the Learning Assistance Center prior to using online services each semester.
  4. You must complete an online application form available through the Learning Assistance Center website. Once your application is reviewed, you will be assigned a username and password; That you may use when signing onto to SMARTHINKING. You must have a valid email address listed on the application to receive your password and username in order to access SMARTHINKING.
  5. When you receive an email from SMARTHINKING with your username and password, go to Smartthinking Services to sign on. After you sign on, you will be introduced to your SMARTHINKING personal homepage.
  6. Your SMARTHINKING account will be valid only until August 30th. After such date your account will be closed; therefore, you must submit a new application for a new account.
  7. If you have difficulty using SMARTHINKING, you may click the "customer support and FAQ" link for assistance.

Rules and Procedures when using SMARTHINKING

  1. Remember your username and password. However, if you have lost it, the Tutoring Center has it on file and you need to contact a TC supervisor to obtain it.
  2. Each student using SMARTHINKING has a limited number of hours allocated for use of the service for the entire semester. The Tutoring Center recommends that all students be prepared and ask specific questions to the "E-Instructors" to use their time efficiently during the SMARTHINKING sessions. For more hours of access beyond the regularly assigned please contact a supervisor at the Tutoring Center (located in the Pitkin Education Center, Room L-125).
  3. You are entitled to use your SMARTHINKING account for the entire semester. However, your account will be terminated at the end of the semester and you will be required to register again for the coming semester.
  4. Inappropriate comments and/or conversation will not be permitted.