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Math Walk-In Center

Room: A-113

Tel: 201-447-7489

  • Madhvi Shah, Mathematics Tutorial Supervisor

  • Luis DeAbreu, STEM Tutorial Supervisor

SPRING 2014 Hours
  • Monday - Thursday 9am - 8pm
  • Friday 10am - 5pm

The Math Walk-In Center (MWIN) offers tutorial support in a collaborative setting. The flow of academic interaction among students and tutors allows for reciprocal learning. Therefore, students find the collaboration with their peers motivating.

The MWIN is staffed with at least two tutors during each hour of operation. In the MWIN, students can:

  • Work on assignments on MyMathLab, do homework, or study for an exam.
  • Receive quick assistance with questions that do not require one-hour appointments.
  • Obtain practice worksheets or cumulative reviews for finals and proficiency tests.
  • Reinforce learned concepts and apply them to solve problems.

The Math Walk-In Center is available to all registered students, and no previous appointment is required. Just walk in, swipe your student ID and start taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Students may visit the Math Walk-In for assistance in the following subjects:

  • MAT 011 (Basic Mathematics)  
  • MAT 031(Algebra A) 
  • MAT 032 (Algebra B)
  • MAT 035 (Algebra A/B) 
  • MAT 160 (Intermediate Algebra) 
  • MAT 180 (Pre-Calculus)
  • MAT 280 (Calculus) 
  • MAT 223 (Business Calculus)