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Proficiency Tests

  • Proficiency tests are offered as a means of placement for a variety of college-level courses. Successful scores on proficiency tests allow students to register for a higher level course within the same discipline sequence. However, a successful proficiency test carries no course credit. A proficiency test earns a waiver of the course upon passing. Proficiency test registration forms can be obtained from the Office of Testing Services, Room S-127 in person. Please bring your BCC photo ID with you.
  • There is a $30 non-refundable fee for each proficiency test payable prior to the test date.
  • Proficiency tests are offered in the following subjects: Intermediate Algebra (MAT160), Pre-Calculus (MAT180) and Chemistry (CHM100).
  • If you already have a grade of N, Inc, M, W, E, R, F, or Q (audit), you may NOT take a test for that course.
  • You must meet all prerequisites for any course for which you wish to take a proficiency test.
  • Students may NOT repeat a proficiency test for any one course.
  • Since a student can attempt a proficiency test only one time, students are strongly encouraged to study for proficiency tests. Textbooks are available to use in the BCC library.
  • Students are not permitted to use a calculator for the mathematics proficiency tests.
  • Students are allowed 60 minutes (1 hour)for the MAT-160 and 120 minutes (2 hours) for the MAT-180 proficiency tests,
  • Students taking the CHM-100 proficiency tests are allowed 2 hours and the use of a non-graphing, non-programmable calculator.
  • Please bring the application, a picture I.D., and #2 pencils on the day of the test. 

For MAT-160 Review, please click here

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For CHM-100 Review, please click here 

Please visit the Office of Testing Services, Room S-127 after you have studied and are ready to set an appointment.