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Levels of English Proficiency

Who Must Take the Levels of English Proficiency test (LOEP)? 

  • International students on F1 visas.
  • Non-native English speakers who have resided in the United States for less that eight years and have not received formal English training.
  • Non-native English speakers who passed the General Educational Development (GED) test in a language other than English.
Levels of English Proficiency test (LOEP)

International students or students for whom English is not their native language may be required to take the Levels Of English Proficiency test (LOEP).

  • This test measures proficiency in reading, writing, and listening and may place students in the American Language Program (ALP).
  • Students placed in the ALP are required to complete this program before registering for courses in their chosen curricula.
  • Students who complete the ALP or who have tested out of the program through the LOEP are then required to take the mathematics portion of the Basic Skills Placement Test.
  • Under specific conditions, a student may have the LOEP and/or mathematics test requirement waived.
  • Additional information about waivers, the LOEP and the ALP is available in Room S-127.
  • There is no fee for this examination.
  • For an overview of the Levels of English Proficiency Test please click here (LOEP)