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Challenge Tests

  • Due to a variety of circumstances students may not perform to the best of their abilities on the placement test. To reassess placements, Challenge tests are offered in English, Computation, Algebra and American Language Program/Speech.
  • Since a placement may be challenged only one time, students are strongly encouraged to study for the Challenge tests. Practice and review materials. Textbooks are also available to use in the BCC library.
  • Challenge tests are offered for Basic Mathematics (MAT-011), Algebra (MAT-031 and MAT-035), Developmental English (EBS-011 (formerly EBS-014/015), EBS-021 (formerly EBS-023/024), or EBS-031), and ALP/Speech placements. A Basic Mathematics placement must be satisfied before a Challenge test may be taken for Algebra. Do not request to challenge Algebra until Basic Mathematics has been satisfied.
  • Challenge tests may be taken only once in each subject, and must be taken before the last day of DROP/ADD dates for any semester. If you already have a grade of N, Inc., M, W, E, R, F, or Q (Audit) you may NOT challenge the subject. Challenge tests are offered on a regular basis throughout the school year.

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