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Basic Skills Placement Test

Who Must Take a Basic Skills Placement Test? 

  • All full-time and part-time students in degree or certificate programs are required to test before registering for all courses. 
  • All full-time and part-time non degree-seeking students who wish to enroll in English or Math courses. 
  • All full-time and part-time non degree-seeking students who have accumulated eleven (11) attempted credits (based on completed courses earning one of the following grades: A, B, C, D, F, R, E, W, AU, Q, N, or INC.). 
  • Students must have a Bergen Community College student identification number issued by Admissions and Registration before they can take the test.

Basic Skills Placement Test

  • Bergen Community College requires that all degree seeking students and all non-degree seeking students who reach their 11th attempted credit take a basic skills assessment and placement test in reading, writing, computation, and algebra. 
  • The results of this test determine a student's required entry level courses in both English and mathematics. 
  • Under specific conditions, a student may have the placement test requirement waived. 
  • For information about waivers visit the Office of Testing Services, Room S-127. 
  • There is no fee for this examination.  

How to Read Placement Test Results

  • The required courses resulting from test scores are listed at the end of the score report, which the student receives at the completion of the test.
  • If English Basic Skills (EBS) courses are listed:
  • EBS placements must be taken in the first semester (e.g., if EBS 011 (formerly EBS 014-015) [Developmental Skills I] is listed, it must be taken in the first semester), with the exception of EBS 031 (which must be taken along with WRT 101), which is recommended for the first semester.
  • When Basic Skills courses are required, the number of credits taken in the first semester is limited as follows: EBS 011 (formerly EBS 014-015): 12 Credits; EBS 021 (formerly EBS 023-024): 15 credits; WRT 101/EBS 031: 18 credits.
  • The following are EBS courses at Bergen: EBS 011 and EBS 012 (formerly EBS 014-015/EBS 016-017), a two-semester course sequence; EBS 021 (formerly EBS 023-024), a one-semester course; EBS 031, a one-credit course required to be taken along with WRT 101.WRT101 is college English, the highest placement result in English from the test.
  • If Math Basic Skills courses are listed: 
  • It is recommended that required Basic Skills math or elementary algebra be taken in the first semester.
  • Required math courses MUST be taken in sequence (i.e. MAT 011 first, MAT 031 second...).
  • Students should consult the Bergen Community College catalogue and/or see an academic advisor if they have any questions about their placements and how they may affect their degree program.