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Basically, when you add, you are bringing together (or combining) different items into one group.
The symbol used for adding is + , which is called the plus sign.
Theitems being added together are called the addends.
And the amount of all the items (in one group) is called the sum.
We find ourselves adding every day. Here are some examples:

  • When you total how much money you spent at the store, that is adding.
  • When you check that youhave the same amount of kids leaving the zoo as when you arrived, that involves adding.
  • When you order MP3 downloads, you can figure out the total amount you ordered by adding.

Your textbook may make a simple procedure such as adding seem complex. Oh, no, we have to add apples and oranges! Just relax. Take your time to figure out what is going on. Chances are you already know how to do it, but perhaps in a different way.

There is only one rule to apply when adding and subtracting decimals: the problem must be set up in a manner where the numbers are aligned according to the decimal points, before adding or subtracting.
Example 1

325 + 111 =


25 (addend)
+ 11(addend)
The sum (or total) should be 36.
Example 2

333 + 677 =


Thesum should be 1000