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Policies and Procedures

1.       Please be sure to have your Bergen ID with you at all times. Your ID will be used to log in and out for every appointment, walk-in, study group, or supplemental instruction session.

2.       You may receive assistance with research papers and/or essays and reading comprehension for non-writing courses in which you may be currently enrolled. Please keep in mind that you may only request tutoring for the courses in which you are registered.

3.       All tutoring sessions are conducted within CLAC premises. Tutoring sessions are offered two times a week per subject. Due to high demands, back-to-back appointments cannot be made with the same tutor, regardless of the subject. You may only schedule one appointment per subject per day.

4.       Appointments are 50 minutes or less from the scheduled start time. Please note, if you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment without notifying the center in advance, the CLAC reserves the right to reassign your tutor to another student.

5.       Please remember, it is your responsibility to bring your course textbook, class lecture notes, course syllabus, assigned work, and research papers. Tutors may cancel your appointment if you arrive unprepared.

6.       Eating, socializing, using the computer for entertainment purposes, and talking on cell phones in the center are strictly prohibited; anyone found doing so will be asked to leave. Usage of the computers and printers is limited to students working with a tutor only. Please keep in mind that due to limited space, you should not arrive more than fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled start time; also, please exit the CLAC upon completion of each session.

7.       Permanent Appointments: If you are a student registered with the Office of Specialized Services (OSS) or the Office of Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), you may be allowed to make permanent appointments in the CLAC until the end of the term. Please inquire about this service at the front desk.

8.       Drop-in Appointments: you are allowed one drop-in appointment per week for each subject in which you are currently enrolled. This appointment may be scheduled up to one half hour beforehand

9.       Math & Science Walk-In (MSWIN): Students may utilize the MSWIN center for quick assistance for up to two hours per day. Priority will be given to students seeking help for Basic Mathematics, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, and select science courses. Subjects such as Statistics, Contemporary Mathematics, and Finite Mathematics are covered based on tutor availability.

10.   Writing Walk-In (WWIN): Students may utilize the WWIN for one session per day, which may last up to one hour, if availability permits. WWIN is on a first come/first served basis.

11.   Placement Tests: Registered BCC students and learners planning on taking the Accuplacer exam can utilize the study groups offered on Saturdays in L-125. 

12.   Challenge Tests: For registered BCC students and learners planning on taking the proficiency exams for Intermediate Algebra/Pre-Calculus/Chemistry, appointments can be scheduled on Saturdays only.