How to Study Well

Preparing for Tests

The Study Guides and Strategies website has some excellent tips on test-taking.

Study Skills

Bucks County Community College study skills website.

Time Management

Time management is a daunting task. Sometimes it’s stressful to think about all the tasks we must perform, but the good news is we all employ some form of time management already. We just need some tips and tricks to manage it more efficiently.


Taking Notes

Notetaking Tips and Suggestions

You can think about four times faster than a lecturer can speak. Effective listening requires the expenditure of energy; to compensate for the teacher's rate of presentation, you have to actively intend to listen. Notetaking is one way to enhance listening, and using a systematic approach to the taking and reviewing of your notes can add immeasurably to your understanding and remembering the content of lectures.

Why Take Notes?

  • Notes provide a permanent record to help you learn and remember later.
  • The underlying organization and purpose of a lecture will become clear through notetaking.
  • The lecture may contain information unavailable anywhere else.
  • They provide a record of information and announcements.
  • Taking notes helps you maintain attention in class.
The following prepared by:
Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC)
Texas State University-San Marcos
Prepared by: Randy Degner, Mary Minter, and Linda Waychoff
Revised: Fall 2003

Notes: Before, During and After Class