International Student Center

International Orientation Team (I-TEAM) Profiles

The International Orientation Team ("I- Team") is a group of international students that help facilitate the F-1 International Student Orientation every Fall and Spring semester. They are an integral part of BCC's F-1 Orientation, as they strive to welcome the new F-1 Students and to make them feel at home. Here are a few of our past and present I-Team Members. If you are interested in becoming an I-Team member, please contact the ISC.


Nelson RangelHello everyone! I am Nelson Rangel, a 23 years old Venezuelan student at Bergen Community College. My major is Cinema Studies because it is my dream one day to become a well known filmmaker in the film industry and gain lots of experience to bring new ideas and techniques to the film industry in my beloved country, Venezuela. I ended up at Bergen Community College after visiting during an open house. For me, Bergen Community College is everything I was looking for. Not only do they have a great campus with everything a student needs in order to achieve his or her goals, but the people create a positive vibe that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Here, I have found people with so many different backgrounds that are interesting and fascinating. Also, I have made really good friends with Americans and other international students who have opened their hearts and homes to me. I decided to join the International Team because I wanted to be a helpful tool the same way they were to me when I came here. I wanted to help new international students who need guidance from fellow mates who have already experienced what they are about to experience. Besides, I get to know people from all over the world which is something that I always enjoy. So far, my journey in BCC has been wonderful. I feel blessed to be part of such magnificent community college, and I am deeply thankful to everyone who helped me to get here.

~ Nelson Rangel, from Venezuela, Cinema Studies Major

My name is Silvia Dominguez. I am from Cuenca-Ecuador. As soon as I graduated from high school I decided to come to the Unites States to study. I arrived to the United States in August 2010, a week before school started. Everything seemed so different and big and my English was not perfect so it was hard for me to communicate, but I found relief when I went to the International Students Orientation. They were very welcoming and they made everyone feel like we were at home. The I-team showed us the school, how to buy books and they gave us some tips on how to be successful in classes. I am so happy to be part of the I-team because now I can do for others what the I-team did for me before.  

- Silvia Dominguez, from Ecuador, Professional Studies Major