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Meet our Faculty

Honors program faculty

Ann Brown Title:  Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office:  A-332A
Phone: 201-493-3779
Email: [email protected]
 Anne Maganzini Title: Professor of Psychology
Office: L-338
Phone: 201-612-5328
Email: [email protected]
 Brian Cordell Title:  Assistant Professor, Composition and Literature
Office: L-330
Phone: 201-689-7612
Email: [email protected]
 Corinne Kallman   

 Daniel Salerno Title: Instructor of Composition and Literature
Office: Pitkin A-333
Phone: 201-612-5248
Email:  [email protected]
 Dorothy J. Altman Title: Professor of Composition, Literature and Creative Writing
Office: L-329
Phone: 201-493-3544
Email: [email protected]
 Dorothy Giglietta  

 Douglas Hoehn                   
 Frank Ramdayal             
 Gregg Biermann Title: Professor of Visual Art and Cinema Studies
Office: West Hall-313
Phone: 201.493.3533
Email:  [email protected]
 Jacqueline Behn  Title:  Professor of Sociology 
Office: A-224
Phone: 201-493-3608
Email: j[email protected]     
 Jennifer Lyden   

 Jessica Datema  

 John Smalley  

 Kathleen Williams  Title:  Professor of Communications
Office:   L-336
Phone:  201-689-7633
Email:   [email protected]
 Keith Chu                 Title: Associate Professor of History
Office: A-326 (Pitkin Building)
Phone: 201-447-9232 
Email: [email protected]              
Lou Ethel Roliston                 
 Manuela Lataianu  Title: Assistant Professor of Sociology
Office: A-332-A
Phone: 201-493-3782
Email: [email protected]    
 Maria Makowiecka  

 Michael D. Redmond Title:  Michael D. Redmond, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Office: E-131
Phone: 201-689-7074
E-mail: [email protected]

 Mi Na Ahn Title:  Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: A-332A
Phone: 201-493-3547
Email: [email protected]

 Sara Mastellone Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Education
Office: B-114 & E-137  
Phone: 201-689-7725 
Email:  [email protected] 

 Thomas La Pointe  Title:  Assistant Professor of Composition and Literature
Office:  L 328 
Phone:  201-493-8977
Email: [email protected]

 Tobyn DeMarco  

William Huisking