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Judith K. Winn School of Honors offices are located in Honors Hall 

  • Honors Office Room 1
  • Honors Conference Room 5
  • Honors Computer and Lounge Room 6

Mrs. Azize Ruttler, Honors Assistant 

Office Honors Hall 1
Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM
[email protected], or [email protected]

JKW School of Honors Director 

Professor Maria H. Makowiecka, Ph.D. 
Office L-329
[email protected] 


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JKW School of Honors is administered by the Office of the Academic Vice-President. Contact Barbara Mollino at 201-447-7104 o email [email protected]

The JKW School of Honors is a member of the Northeast Regional Honors Council, see, and a sponsoring member of the annual Beacon Conference