Educational Opportunity Fund

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Application Process

To apply for the Educational Opportunity Fund grant, a student must:

  • Upon review of your application and documentation, you will be contacted by an EOF counselor to make an appointment for an interview to review your eligibility.
  • Please bring the following documents to your interview with an EOF Counselor:
    • 2015 STUDENT’S SSI Benefits or Tax Return Transcripts from IRS.
    • 2015 PARENT’S SSI Benefits or Tax Return Transcripts from IRS.
    • Non-filer statement from IRS. (if applicable)
    • Welfare Letter (if applicable)
    • High School Diploma or Final Transcripts
    • GED Certificate or Scores (if applicable)
    • Permanent Resident Card (if you are not a citizen)
    • EOF Transfer Form (if transferring from another EOF program)
    • Letter from DYFS (if ward of the state)
    • Court Documents pertaining to custody or guardianship (if applicable)

EOF Application deadlines

  • November 1st- Fall Semester
  • March 1st- Spring Semester

FAFSA Deadlines

  • June 1st- Renewal students
  • October 1st- New students
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