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Enrollment Packet Checklist

Turning Point Student bake sale group shotYou should complete the Application Packet (1-5 below) as independently as possible.The applications can be typed or printed neatly.  Include all information (6-10 below). Letters of Recommendation must be included in a sealed envelope with signature across the seal.  Personal Interviews will be scheduled when a completed packet has been received.

Application Checklist

  1. Turning Points Student Application.
  2. Student Questionnaire to be completed by the applicant
  3. Parent/Guardian Information to be completed by parent/guardian
  4. Emergency Contact/Medical Information Form
  5. Release/Exchange of Information Form
  6. Official High School Transcript including last IEP, any post secondary program record
  7. MANDATORY - Educational Evaluations conducted within the past five years, and/or Psychological /Behavioral Evaluations
  8. Two Letters of Recommendation from a person who has known the applicant for one year or longer. Letters must be submitted using the Recommendation Form and returned with the application packet as directed on the form.
  9. Personal Interview for the applicant and parent/family/guardian/support person is required.
  10. Applicant's signature and date of application.

NOTE: Applications will not be considered unless ALL requested information is present at the time  of  review.

Please complete all sections of this application. It is acceptable for the applicant to receive support, if needed in completing this section of the application.  You may attach additional information and pages for writing space if needed.  We request all sections be completed in order to assist us in determining this applicant’s admissibility to the program.  All information is confidential and will not be shared with any outside agencies unless written agreement is provided by those filling out the application.