Academic Forgiveness Policy

  1. Academic Forgiveness is designed to allow students who have gotten off to a bad start a chance to get poor grades removed from their GPA. The Academic Forgiveness Policy at Bergen Community College contains two options:
  2. A student may request Academic Forgiveness once under Option I (Academic Performance) and once under Option II (Academic Forgiveness). An appointment with an Academic Counselor is REQUIRED to complete the application.
  3. Student must bring all required documentation with them when meeting with their counselor.
  4. Students who take all online courses should contact the Student Affairs Online Counselor.
  5. Academic Forgiveness forms are to be submitted to the Center for Student Success, Room A-118. Once a decision has been rendered students will be notified via mail.
Option I: Academic Forgiveness based upon past academic performance

After three consecutive years of non-attendance (3 Fall and 3 Spring semesters), a student may request Academic Forgiveness of grades as follows:

  • After your return to Bergen Community College, you must complete at least nine (9) credits with a GPA of 2.50 for your request to be approved. The request will be reviewed after you have completed at least one semester.
  • If your request is approved: grades of "F", "E", "R" and optionally "D" for the courses from the prior attendance period will be removed from your Grade Point Average. The courses will remain on your official transcript , designated with a special code for Academic Forgiveness ("@").
  • Form (refer to page 5 & 6): Academic Forgiveness Form (Option 1 - Nonattendance)

Option II - Academic Forgiveness based upon change of curriculum

  • A student may request Academic Forgiveness based upon a change of curriculum at any time after matriculation and after credits have been attempted.
  • If a student’s request is approved, grades of “F,” “E,” “R,” and optionally “D” in courses that were required by the student’s former academic program but that are not required by the new program will be removed from the student’s Grade Point Average. However, the courses will remain on the student’s official transcript designated with a special code indicating Academic Forgiveness ("@").
  • Form (refer to page 7 & 8): Academic Forgiveness Form (Option 2 - Change of Curriculum)