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User Conduct Policy

The Sidney Silverman Library is committed to providing a quiet, welcoming, respectful atmosphere conducive to study and research in an environment that is comfortable, clean, and safe for both library users and staff.

Any behavior that interferes with the operation of the Library or its users may be considered disruptive.

The conduct of any individual using the Library is governed by all College policies, including the Code of Student Conduct as stated:

"All students are governed by college rules and regulations. Each student is expected to exercise discretion and act within the limits of decorum and propriety at all times and in all places.”

Users who do not adhere to conduct guidelines outlined in College or Library policies may be asked to leave and may be subject to College disciplinary action. Please note:

  • Mobile phones and pagers -- The Library requires its users to set cell phones and pagers on a non-audible signal. Any verbal communications must be conducted outside the library. Use of these devices disturbs those engaged in reading, studying, and other educational activities.
  • Food and drink -- Eating is not permitted in the Library. Drinks in covered containers are allowed in the Library. Users are expected to keep study areas neat and clean.
  • Noise and Other Disruptive Behavior -- Users expect the Library to be a quiet place for study and research. All library users are requested to be considerate and to refrain from talking loudly, making noise, using audio equipment at a volume that interferes with others, or engaging in disruptive behavior.

Children on Campus

"...Students who bring small children to campus may not leave them unattended at any time, especially in the Student Center, Library and lounge areas...."

Unattended children left in the Library will be placed in the custody of BCC Public Safety until a parent or responsible adult can be located.