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Workshop Schedule

All ISC sponsored workshops will be held in C-102.  Workshops are approximately one hour long.  Please be on time.  If there are no attendees 10 minutes after the advertised start time, the workshop will be canceled.

Monday, 24th at 2PM—OPT
Wednesday, 26th @ 1PM—Scholarship + Funding Options

Monday, 3rd at 10AM—OPT
Tuesday, 4th at 11AM—ALP III Complete, Now What? (Korean)
Friday, 7th at11AM—Make-up Orientation (Korean)
Friday, 7th at12:30PM-Make-up Orientation
Tuesday, 11th at 1PM— ALP III Complete, Now What? (Turkish)
Wednesday, 12th at 2PM—Understanding your Degree Requirements
Thursday, 13 at 2PM—Scholarship + Funding Options
Friday, 14th at 11AM—Make-up Orientation (Korean)
Friday, 14th at 12:30PM—Make-up Orientation
Wednesday, 18th at 3PM—OPT
Friday, 21st at 11AM—Make-up Orientation (Korean)
Friday, 21st at 12:30PM—Make-up Orientation
Monday, 24th at 11AM—ALP III Complete, Now What? (Korean)
Tuesday, 25th at 2PM—CPT/COOP
Thursday, 27th at 2PM—ALP III Complete, Now What?
Friday, 28th at 11AM—Make-up Orientation (Korean)
Friday, 28th at 12:30PM—Make-up Orientation

Tuesday, 1st at 10AM—Scholarship + Funding Options
Wednesday, 2nd at 11AM—Transferring to a 4 yr. School
Thursday, 3rd at 3PM—Time Management
Thursday, 19th at 1PM—Having Fun with Idioms
Monday, 14th at 10AM—OPT
Thursday, 17th at 2PM—Scholarship + Funding Options
Tuesday, 22nd at 2PM—OPT
Wednesday, 30th at 11PM—OPT

Thursday, 1st at 11AM—Scholarship + Funding Options
Wednesday, 7th at 3PM—OPT
Monday, 12th at 11AM—OPT
Thursday, 15th at 1PM—OPT
Tuesday, 20th at 12PM—OPT
Wednesday, 21st at 10AM—OPT


Note: If you would like additional information on a workshop listed above, call 201.689.7601, stop by the ISC in C-102 or e-mail us!