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Be a Notetaker!

The notetaker will take notes of classroom lectures, class discussions, and other oral and written communication by instructors and classmates for students who have the notetaking accommodation developed by the Office of Specialized Services.

The job of Notetaker can be a volunteer position or you can be compensated for your services as Notetaker by the College.

Expectations of Notetakers:

Regarding the provision of notetaking services, the notetaker is expected to:

  • Contact the Career and Transfer Services Office for employment papers.
  • Fill out the appropriate information on the Note Taker information page.
  • Arrive for each notetaking assignment on time.
  • Take adequate notes (with legible handwriting, good grammar and spelling skills)
  • Get the notes to the student in a timely manner.
  • Notify the Notetaking Coordinator if notes are not being picked up or if the student receiving the notes misses two or more consecutive classes without notice.
  • Contact the Notetaking Coordinator or the OSS office if there are problems or concerns.
  • You may be required to type/scan/email your notes to the student receiving the accommodation. 

It is MANDATORY that you visit Career and Transfer Services in Room A-118 to fill out employment papers in order to be paid as a note taker.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Office of Specialized Services.

Any notetakers that may require assistance may now make an appointment with Maria Bohn - Resource Accommodations Specialist in Room L-116 or by emailing us