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Visits after hours are by appointment only. Please contact Timothy Blunk.


Gallery Coordinator: Timothy Blunk

Current Exhibitions


Gallery Bergen and the Veterans Center at BCC are very pleased to present a week-long series of art and writing workshops for veterans in our gallery on the 3rd floor of West Hall. Should you know of any students, faculty or staff who are vets and who might be interested in participating on any level, please forward this information to them. If you are a vet, you are welcome to attend. The workshops are conducted on a drop-in basis - vets can attend whenever they are able, for however long they can. The workshops will culminate in an exhibition of the work produced which will hang in the gallery through December 19. Gallery Bergen is happy to schedule class visits and docented tours.

> Combat Paper NJ Veterans drop-in workshops at BCC:
> November 10 - 14, 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Gallery Bergen, 3rd floor, West Hall, BCC - Paramus.

Opening Reception for exhibition of printed works and open mic for workshop participants and community veterans: Wednesday, November 19 at 6:00 p.m., Gallery Bergen. (Presentation by Combat Paper, NJ at 7:00 p.m.)

Since its inception, the Combat Paper NJ Program has conducted over 100 workshops, presentations, and exhibitions helping scores of veterans use art to creatively explore their combat experiences. In week-long workshops and drop-in sessions on military bases, on college campuses, in community centers, in Veterans Affairs facilities, and military hospitals, veterans transform fibers from their military uniforms into deeply personal works of art. Combat Paper NJ is run by veterans, for veterans.


Combat Paper NJ is a program of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, a 40 year old, award winning non-profit community arts center.



Alex Arzt, Wolf Howl, Gardner, MA, 2009

Gallery Bergen presents  September 16 to October 31
Pets, Beasts & Dinner: 
Relations Between Human and Animal Creatures

Reception September 16, 6 p.m. with OPEN MIC for sharing 2-3 minute stories, poems and jokes on this topic.  Headliners: Brian Cordell, Adam Goodell, Shawn Kane, Jane Phelps.  Several of the 14 participating artists working in diverse media will be present.

Artist/biologist Brandon Ballengée will speak on his work: Thurs. Sept 25, 12:30- 1:40pm W221
Curator's tours of the exhibition: Tues Sept 30, Wed. Oct. 8, 1-1:30pm.

Professor Suzaan Boettger, curator

New Artists Statements Pets

Curator's Statement

In our present geological era of the Anthropocene, recognition of humans as agents not just of biological change but of planetary geological shifts have collapsed the distinction between natural and human histories.  Social forces of civil rights and increased interpersonal familiarity have eradicated many prejudicial dichotomies regarding social constructs such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.  

Likewise, works by these artists – from Scotland, California, Wisconsin, Brooklyn, Teaneck, and elsewhere – evoke widely-shared ideas about the porousness of the boundary between the human and the animal and a reconceptualization of it as a continuum.  They manifest Barry Commoner’s idea in the early book of social ecology, The Closing Circle (1972), as well as in inclusive religious practices such as Buddhism, that everything is connected to everything else – recently emphasized as including the living nonhuman. These works of art mediate between social ideas and the cultural imagination of alternatives, broadening our understanding of “animals” but also, on the flip side, questioning the term “human” and prompting consideration of our obligations toward the nonhuman world.
        Professor Suzaan Boettger, exhibition curator

*Ursula LeGuin, Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences, NY: Penguin Books, 1990, 35-6