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Bagels and Business

2014 Schedule 

  • 10/30/14 – Speaker: John Tardio, MBA, Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC – “Analysis and valuation of privately held businesses”
  • 11/25/14 – Speaker: Robin Gronsky, Attorney, Gronsky Law Office – “If you are in Business, Look like a business and Act like a Business”
  • 12/18/14 - Speaker: Ally Nathaniel, eBook Publishing – “How to publish an e-book with Amazon for Kindle”
  • 01/29/15 – Speaker: Robyn Crane, CFP, Money & Relationship Coach – “The Money Ménage à Trois “(For Business Owners)
    How to Keep the 3-way Between You, Your Money & Your Business from Sabotaging Your Success


2014 Past Events
January 30th

"6 Contracts Every Business Owner Should Have" with speaker Robin Gronsky, Gronsky Law

Contracts are the backbone of every business venture. They detail the rights and obligations of each side and provide for a means to protect your rights if the other party decides not to perform as agreed. You may think that your handshake or a verbal agreement should be enough to bind the others you deal with in your business. But, if this was true, we wouldn’t need lawyers, would we? Come out, meet Robin Gronsky and find out how to protect your business and you.


February 27 

Topic: “Does Your Copy Support Your Brand?” with speaker:  Caryn Starr-Gates, StarrGates Business Communications

Caryn Starr-Gates will discuss how to assure your business communications reflect its branding and advertising message.  She will also discuss how you can effectively market your business.  You will learn:

  •  Is your overall communication properly reflecting your business?
  • Is your advertising message clean or too cluttered?
  • Identifying your brand voice.
  • How are you getting the word out? A multitude of marketing channels.


March 27th

“Leadership Strategies for Small Business Owners and Professionals”, with speaker Theodore Henderson

During challenging economic times, it’s important for leaders (managers, business owners, and company executives) to stay aware of trends, upgrade their skills to meet the new environment, be adaptable, and make themselves invaluable – whether you are a business owner or employee. However their most important task is to learn how to identify the strategies that will transform them into strong leaders.

The goal of this program is to help the individual attendees identify their leadership strengths and challenges.

Session Highlights:

  •            What defines leadership
  •            Assessing your personal leadership style
  •            How to lead effectively
  •            Leading without “leverage”
  •            Measuring the results of effective leadership
  •            Leadership and career advancement

July 29

Barb Minemier, AADP, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Topic: “How Creating Optimal health Increases Productivity”


August 28

Mark G. Wilensky, MBA, Wealth Management Advisor

Topic: “What Keeps You Up At Night”


September 30

Carol Kaufman, Founder/ CEO, CareBinders, LLC   

Topic: “What the Heck Is A Business/Life Inventory and Why Do I Need One?”



2013 Past Events

Network with the Top Businesses in Bergen County! Learn how to make your business more profitable!

Location: Technology Building (Room 128)

August 27- “I just want to get paid – why can’t it be that easy?” Speaker Jennifer Glass- CEO Credit Cards, NJ

In olden times, a business only had to worry about accepting cash or other substitutes from their customers to cover the bill. Today, cash is dying, and plastic is taking over. But there are so many options available for businesses to offer their customers to pay with, so how is a business owner supposed to know what each of the options are and how to properly use them? Come and hear Jennifer l share information on the many ways you can get paid by your customers and get paid fast.

September-The Success Panel: 5 Successful Business Owners will share their experience and information on what made them successful.

October 29th- When You Speak about Your Business, Do Others Listen? Speaker Linda Trignano, President Trignano Consulting, LLC and Certified Career Coach

In today’s fast-paced business communication your personal brand and speaking so that others listen is a critical step in the success of your business. Your Personal Brand is as unique as you are and having a compelling and exciting way to convey it is an essential tool in today’s business world that should be designed to open doors for you. Linda will share information on various styles of communicating, how to flex your style to reach your customer, when to listen, when to speak and more.

November- Improving Customer Relations-Effective Was to Understand Your Customer, Speaker-Wilma Hurwitz, Presenter/Facilitator