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Pilot Process and Timeline

Goals to be Assessed:  Intellectual and Practical Skills

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Written and Oral Communication

Means of Assessment:
Class assignments that faculty believe demonstrate the outcome. 

Assessment tool:
Rubrics (see attached drafts)

Sources of data:

  • Anonymous student artifacts submitted by full-time and adjunct faculty.
  • Faculty should submit unmarked artifacts (one assignment) from the entire class.
  • These artifacts can be, but are not limited to, an exam, a paper, an oral presentation, or a visual production. 
  • Only artifacts from students with a minimum of 45 credits will be reviewed.

Timeline and process for data collection:

Artifacts may be submitted electronically or in hard copy.  Please attach a copy of the assignment. 

Electronic artifacts can be submitted to

Hard copy artifacts can be sent to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Room A-310 (Please mark as General Education Assessment.)  Photocopies of work can be made by Barbara Mollino and originals will be immediately returned to you.

All submissions are due by Thursday, December 12th.

How data will be analyzed:

The CIE Fellows and a small group of faculty will meet in January to analyze the artifacts.  All participants will norm together and then each artifact will be examined by two faculty members.  The non-Fellow committee members will be compensated. 

Any full-time faculty interested in participating in the analysis should notify Gail Fernandez at x7525 or