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Organizational Development

Take your organization to a higher level by giving your employees the proficiency and skills they need to improve their performance and increase your profitability.

The Center will work with you on your organizational development efforts to maximize your visioning, empowerment, learning and problem solving processes. Our professional, highly experienced facilitators are more than qualified to help you understand the various organizational development processes, and will work with you to examine and implement those programs that address your organization's culture, values and systems. This may include the following:

Team Building Innovation
Organizational Assessments Leadership Development
Career Development Change Management
Training Decision Making
E-Learning Communication
Coaching Skill Specific Programs


The Center for Business and Industry will work with you to help your business improve your profitability by assessing, teaching and implementing those skills your team needs for success.

For more information contact Ronald E. McKnight, Business Development Manager, Continuing Ed., Corporate & Public Sector Training at the Paramus Campus- TEC 115, 201-612-5300, option 6.