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Field - Work Experience Courses

The following courses require visits to schools and other institutions. This involves being flexible in your time schedule. Some schools may require a Mantoux vaccine and/or a criminal background check. The costs associated with these will become the students’ responsibility.

Once field-work placement is arranged, students will be required to follow the school districts guidelines and policies.

For early childhood education students:

EDU-222 Supervised Field Work Experience I (2.00 cr.)
This course is a weekly placement that combines onsite supervision of students as well as lecture hours. Lecture and supervision are provided by certified early childhood teachers. Students assist the teacher with daily routines and curricular activities for 3 hours weekly and participate in onsite lecture totaling 2 hours weekly. EDU-222 is taken in conjunction with EDU-223 Field Work Seminar I. Lecture (3.00). Corequisites: EDU-124 and EDU-223.

EDU-224 Supervised Field Work Experience II (2.00 cr.)
This course is a continuation of EDU-222 Supervised Field Work Experience I. The field placement is at a different site with a different age group than that assigned in Supervised Field Work Experience I. This course must be taken in conjunction with EDU-225 Field Work Seminar II. Lecture (3.00). Prerequisite: EDU-222. Corequisite: EDU-225.

For education students:

EDU-461 Co-Op Work Experience (Education) (1.00 cr.)
This course is designed to provide students with opportunities for observation and participation in classrooms in elementary, middle and secondary school learning environments. This structured field-based experience also allows students the opportunity to interview teachers whose classrooms they observe. Students have opportunities to interact with children and apply concepts learned in EDU-101. Student interactions include assessment of learning environments, student learning, tutoring, and small group instruction. Lecture (1.00), Cooperative (3.00). Prerequisite: EDU-101.