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What is SIP?


The goal of the Science Infusion Program (SIP) is to create collaboration between Science and English Professors to promote science as a context in English classes (recommended for ALP, EBS and WRT101 classes) and writing support for the science classes. The successful 2012/2013 Science Literacy Series Pilot program utilized Food Safety/Food Poisoning topics as a context in EBS classes and a wide range of science topics in ALP classes. The Science Infusion Program is a spinoff of the Science Literacy Series Pilot and was developed to expand faculty participation and facilitate individualized programs.

What will you do?

Interested faculty will establish a SIP faculty partnership (English/Science Faculty) in Fall 2014 and then develop a plan to use a science theme in the English class and writing support in the science class (optional). In Fall 2014 the SIP faculty partners will implement their SIP plan. Please see "Examples of Successful Faculty Partnerships" for summaries of the use of science as a context in the Science Literacy Series. See SIP Planning by Faculty Partners for ideas for science themes in English classes and writing support in science classes. For more information on using science as a context in writing classes click on Contextualized Learning, which contains references on contextualization with specific references on the use of science context in English classes.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities in the SIP program fill out the form at Sign Up for SIP and then browse the list of interested faculty for a partner with similar interests in science.

Who can participate?

STEM and English (recommended for ESL, EBS and WRT101 classes) faculty can participate in the Science Infusion Program.


Science Faculty

  • 0.25 credits-4 hours planning with SIP partner
  • 0.25 credits-4 hours in English classroom for science support
  • Maximum Total Payment=0.5 credits for 8 hours participation in the SIP Pilot.

English Faculty

  • 0.25 credits -4 hours planning with SIP partner
  • 0.25 credits -4 hours in science classroom for writing support
  • Maximum Total Payment=0.5 credits for 8 hours participation in the SIP pilot.

Please note that the SIP is flexible. English Partner A can elect to participate in the planning and invite the Science Partner B to participate in the English class for science support without spending time doing writing support in the science classroom. Payment would then reflect the 4 hours of planning for .25 credits for English Partner A and .5 credits for Partner B.

SIP faculty payment will be paid as overload during the semester they are teaching a SIP class and faculty payment cannot exceed 21 hours including the SIP overload credit. IF SIP faculty are teaching the maximum overload (21 credits) payment may be made in the Winter semester or Summer 3 semester. This can occur only if the SIP partners complete their planning in the Winter semester prior to the Spring semester SIP course or Summer 3 semester prior to the Fall semester SIP course.