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Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement


The Radiation Therapy Program sponsored by Bergen Community College is committed to the development of a high quality educational program that cultivates competent, knowledgeable and compassionate radiation therapists that will meet the needs of the radiation oncology community and the patients they serve.


Program Goals


Goal:  Students will demonstrate clinical competence.


Student Learning Outcomes:


·         Students will demonstrate competent patient positioning skills.

·         Students will demonstrate competent equipment use to deliver treatment prescription.

·         Students will demonstrate radiation protection.


Goal:  Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.


Student Learning Outcomes:


·         Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.

·         Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

·         Students will participate as a collaborative team member with other medical



Goal:  Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Student Learning Outcomes:


·         Students will design a computer generated treatment plan.

·         Students will utilize critical thinking skills to recognize setup discrepancies.

·         Students will utilize problem solving skills to correct setup discrepancies.


Goal:  Students will demonstrate professionalism.


Student Learning Outcomes:


·         Student will demonstrate ethical standards.

·         Students will demonstrate compassionate patient care.

·         Students will demonstrate professional development and growth.