Performing Arts

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A.A - General Music Arts

Students will:

  • Apply their knowledge of the major and minor key signatures to the analysis of music compositions.
  • Play all major and minor chords and scales on the keyboard.
  • Exhibit a firm understanding of the general functions and specific workings of the elements out of which music is made: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and such secondary factors as texture, dynamics and tone color.
  • Recognize distinctive musical characteristics as well as the historical placement and socio-cultural context of each of the major stylistic periods of Western art music (Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Postmodern), as well as those related to a variety of musical traditions including American and world popular musics, folk/traditional musics, and other global music styles.
  • Identify the names and chord functions of the diatonic system and demonstrated a solid understanding of chord progressions (e.g. dominant to tonic) and proper melodic voice leading through notation.
  • Exhibit mastery of and instrument of voice at a minimum of an intermediate level.
  • Exhibit basic facility in sight reading and sight singing.
  • Exhibit growth in artistry, technical skills, collaborative competence, and knowledge of repertory through regular ensemble experiences.
  • Critique live concert performances, representing numerous and varied musical cultures and traditions, using the skills and vocabularies they have mastered in their coursework.

Recommended Sequence

First Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS131 Class Piano I 2
MUA1... Applied Music I​ 1
MUS1... Performance Ensembles I​ 1
MAT... Mathematics Elective​ 3-4
Speech Communication or
Public Speaking​
WRT101 English Composition I​ 3
...​ Humanities Elective​ 3​
​ ​ 16-17

Second Semester

Mathematics or Computer Science
Information Technology Elective
Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS231 Class Piano II 2​
MUA2... Applied Music II​ 1
Performance Ensembles II​ 1
Humanities Elective​ 3
... Free Elective​ 3​
WRT201 English Composition II​ 3​
 Diversity Elective​  3
​ ​ 16-17

Third Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS132 Music Theory I​ 2
MUS134 Ear Training & Musicianship I​ 2
HIS... History Elective​ 3
... Humanities Elective​ 3
... Natural Science Elective​ 4
... Social Science Elective​ 3
​ ​ 17

Fourth Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS232 Music Theory II​ 2
MUS234 Ear Training & Musicianship II​ 2
HIS... History Elective ​ 3
... Natural Science Elective​ 4
Social Science Elective​
...  Free Elective​  2-3
​ ​ 16-17

Specific Program Notes


If a student's first-semester Mathematics elective is a 3-credit course, then s/he is required to select a second 3- or 4-credit elective in Mathematics or Computer Science; and if a student's first-semester Mathematics elective is a 4-credit course, then s/he is required to take a 3-credit Free Elective in the second semester [which may be a second Mathematics elective.]

Diversity Requirement: In completing the BCC General Education Program, a student must take and pass at least one course in gender studies, non-Western history or thought, and/or cultural diversity. Choose from the following Humanities or Social  Sciences electives: ANT-100; ANT-101; CIN-160; COM-114; GEO-101; GEO-102; HIS-116; HIS-121; HIS-126; HIS-130; HIS-131; LIT-203; LIT-204; LIT-215; LIT-218; LIT-223; LIT-224; LIT-228; PHR-106; HPR-121; PHR-122; PHR-124; PHR-125; PHR-126; PSY-110; PSY-123; PSY-207; PSY-210; SOC-222.

‡Recommended: IST-123 Success 101.