Performing Arts

Dr. Linda Marcel

Linda MarcelProfessor of Music

Office Location: West Hall 213
Phone: (201) 447-9279
Email: [email protected]

Linda Marcel's compositions have been performed in various settings across the tri-state area, New York City, Malaga, and Sevilla, Spain. Her publications include the workbook; Discover the Power of Music Listening, and manuscripts; Balancing Innovation with Tradition: Maintaining a Relevant College Music Curriculum - Forum on Public Policy, The Oxford University Round Table, and Setting the StandardIssues of Education at Community Colleges, Princeton University. She has presented at numerous conferences in North America and Europe. Dr. Marcel was awarded the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development - Excellence in Teaching Award, and was chosen for the 2006 MCFP Princeton University Fellowship Program.

Linda has been a strong leader and contributor to the Ron Mazurek Memorial Scholarship, a foundation scholarship that sponsors students majoring in Electronic Music at Bergen Community College. She is the founder of the Paul Marshall Memorial Scholarship, a foundation scholarship that sponsors one student per year majoring in music at Bergen Community College.

Dr. Marcel has been the director of many Ars Nova and Ars Electronica Concerts, a yearly series of multi-disciplinary performances at the college. Her work supports digital media, dance, drama and music performance while exploring concepts and techniques of interactive performance systems. She is committed to the educational objectives of Internet2 learning and collaborates yearly with such institutions as New York University and University of California on a yearly basis.