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Theatre Courses

THR - 101 Introduction to the Theatre is a study of live theatre and how  it has developed historically and culturally, and how it is analyzed and evaluated. This is primarily a theory course, but it also includes theatre-going assignments. 3 lectures, 3 credits General Education Course

THR - 109 History of Musical Theatre This course is a chronological survey course that explores musical theatre from its early beginnings to the present. In a lecture and discussion format, students will explore examples of musical theatre to illustrate musical elements, musical and theatrical techniques, and structural form. Selected works will be considered from the context of their relationship with historical and artistic values. 3 lecutres 3 credits General Education Course.

THR - 110 Basic Acting Techniques utilizes practical exercises to aid the beginning actor in developing technique from which to build self-confidence and believable characterizations. The course stresses the importance of self-discipline in developing creativity and freedom in voice and movement. Assignments include the presentation of scenes from various works during the semester. 2 lectures, 2 labs, 3 credits

THR - 111 Oral Interpretation of Literature explores the development of performance and vocal techniques in the oral presentation of all types of literature. The use of variety in pitch, volume, tempo, and attitude is stressed in communication the author's meaning through the reader to the audience. Following specific guidelines, most of the literature is selected directly by each student. 3 lectures, 3 credits

THR - 113 Movement for the Performing Artist is a practical course in directing the student to experience, explore, and visualized movements. The aim of the course is to help the actor become a more physically secure and expressive performer. 3 hours, 2 credits

THR - 120 Stage Makeup provides a practical approach to makeup techniques for theatre and related arts. Through practical experience, student investigate basic, character, and stylized makeup. 1 lecture, 1 lab, 1 credit

THR - 124 Dance Experience is a practical and critical introduction to various dance forms. By attending performances, tracing the development of the particular form, studying the demands the art form makes upon its performers, discussing critics' views, and evaluating the experience, students are exposed to broad representation of dance experiences. 3 hours, 3 credits

THR - 131 Introduction to Stagecraft and Lighting intrudes the student to the theory and practice of stagecraft. It includes study in scene design, practice in construction of sets, and the setting and control of lighting. 2 lectures, 2 labs, 3 credits 

THR 140 Introduction to Cinema is a study of film as an art form. The course is designed to awaken a more sensitive and critical response to the cinema thought and understanding of it's form, content, development, and criticism. Films are screened to demonstrate these elements. 2 lectures, 2 labs, 3 credits General Education Course

THR - 150 Summer Theatre Workshop is an intensive, practical course in the requisite skills in producing a live theatrical production. Students will be exposed to all areas of the theatre crafts. A selected play will be completed produced for public presentation. This will be accomplished thought collective class involvement in play selection, casting, rehearsal, stage management, makeup, set design and construction, lighting, costuming, promotion, and performance. 6 hours, 6 credits

THR - 210 Scene Study includes advanced work in characterization, vocal and body control, and exercise in the development of style and technique relevant to scene and play selected for study and presentation. 2 lectures, 2 labs, 3 credits Prerequisite: THR-110

THR - 214 Audition Techniques This is a practical course which helps the student investigate, select, and prepare audition material appropriate to the individual and the audition call. The course includes exercises in handling cold readings and in learning to look at auditions from the casting director's point of view. 2 lectures, 2 credits Prerequisite: THR-110

THR - 215 Directing for the Stage is designed to instruct students in the fundamentals of direction for the stage, Student directors will learn how to analyze a script, cast, block, and direct a scene that will be presented in a performance for the public. This course explores various directing techniques that emphasize not only the artistic approach but also the practical and technical elements of the theatre. 2 lectures, 2 labs, 3 credits Prerequisite(s): THR-110 and THR-101

THR-216 Theatre Production Workshop This is a practical course that produces a selected dramatic work as a result of collective class involvement in casting, set design and construction, lighting, costuming, makeup, promotion, rehearsal, stage management, and performance. The workshop culminates in a public performance of the project. 4 lectures, 4 credits Prerequisite(s): THR-110, THR-131

THR-217 Theatre Performance and Production This is a practical course in which students are introduced to acting and/or technical production. As a part of the course, students will actually be involved in theatre productions. 1 lecture, 2 labs, 2 credits Prerequisite: THR-131

THR-231 Stage Electrics This course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamental skills requisite to actualizing lighting and sound designs. Emphasis is given to the identification, use, and maintenance of equipment, as well as to basic electronics theory and practice. Special attention is given to basic theories and aesthetics of light and sound as design elements. 4 lectures, 3 credits Prerequisite: THR-131

THR-232 Stage Management This course is an analysis of the techniques and responsibilities of the stage manager in the various forms of the performing arts. Areas of study covered include stage management in the theatre, concerts, and television. 1 lecture, 1 credit Prerequisite: THR-131

THR - 236 Lighting Design is a practical course in the principles and actual techniques of lighting design. Course work includes lectures, demonstrations, and lab sessions on equipment, color optics, and the setting and control of lighting for all forms of strange performance. A portion of the course is devoted to the contemporary lighting techniques used in clubs and rock concerts. 3 hours, 3 credits Prerequisite: THR-136

THR - 240/CIN - 240 The Classic Cinema This course is an in-depth study of the style, philosophy, and significance of selected directors and films. 3 lectures, 3 credits Prerequisite: THR-140

THR - 464 Co-Op Work Experience (Stage Technology) is a field work course in preproduction, production, and/or shop work arranged on an individual basis by the student must attend periodic seminars and/ or prepare reports or other projects as required by the Theatre Arts faculty. Credits is based on predetermined number of hours/weeks worked in a approved theatre shop, or other entertainment facility. Job placement assistance is available through the Co-Op office. 1 lecture, plus 240 minimum hours work experience distributed over the semester 4 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of the Academic Department Chair.