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Dance Courses

DAN - 102 Ballet is a study of the language of ballet as an art form with emphasis on traditional, academic and technical steps and vocabulary. 3 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 103 Modern Dance is a study of the technical and choreographic skills of modern dance. Students are assisted in being individually creative through movement. 2 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 104 Tap Dance is a introduction to elementary top skills, terminology and rotation, and beginning to combinations and simple routines. Purchase of tap shoes is required. 2 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 105 Jazz Dance is a study of various styles, techniques, and vocabulary in the idiom of jazz dance, 2 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 108 Dance Improvisation is a guided discovery of the freedom of movement in a medium for the expression and development of ideas. Through the emphasis of space rhythm, and quality, pieces of choreography are designed. 2 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 109 Yoga Dance This course integrates the principles of yoga with the fundamentals of dance. The course offers a stimulating workout that combines stretch and strengthening with the enjoyment of dancing. Students will develop awareness, experience the flow of energy, improve alignment and core strength, and enhance creative expression. The course is open to students of all levels and aims to promote health and balance by improving the body as an instrument of communication. 2 labs, 1 credit

DAN - 124 Dance Appreciation This course is designed to inform the student about dance as a performing art form. Focus is on developing a critical framework for viewing various styles of dance performance. By attending performances, tracing the development of the particular form, studying the demands the art form makes upon its performers, and discussing critics' views and evaluating the experience, students are exposed to a broad representation of dance experiences. 3 lectures, 3 credits