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Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the A.S. Degree in Mathematics, the student will be able to:
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of functions and relations, be able to work with function notation, and understand how functions are used to represent real-world applications.
  • Work with formulas, including formula evaluation and solving a formula for any of the variables.
  • Construct labeled graphs of functions to accurately convey information.
  • Solve equations involving algebraic functions, exponential functions , logarithmic functions,trigonometric functions, and derivatives of functions.
  • Apply various mathematical techniques to obtain approximate solutions to problems for which an exact solution is not possible or easily obtained.
  • Apply the techniques of both differential calculus and integral calculus to problems involving functions of both one and several variables.
  • Construct a mathematical model of a real-world problem, translate the model into a mathematical problem, determine the solution(s) of the problem and interpret the solution(s) both mathematically and in real-world terms.
  • Apply mathematics to the solution of problems from other disciplines.
  • Communicate effectively using mathematics by employing proofs to validate properties and arguments involving various theorems and properties in mathematics.
  • Derive other mathematical properties from a given set of mathematical properties or axioms