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Call for Papers and Presentations


The Meadowlands campus of Bergen Community College is hosting its fourth annual one- day conference dedicated to the exchange of ideas and “best practices” among educators. The theme of this year’s conference is “Culture, Learning and Learning Cultures: Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Environment.” While we will consider submissions on any topic related to pedagogy, scholarly research, or best practices in the college environment, we encourage submissions that focus on the diverse nature of the learning experience.

The purpose of the conference is to provide educators with a forum to exchange successful strategies that can benefit our students. Within this forum, we can explore a variety of questions related to diversity in the educational experience. How do we use technology today to provide our students with connections to other cultures or diverse communities and colleagues? How can educators more effectively address different learning styles, different cultural backgrounds, and different abilities in the classroom? What kinds of assignments, learning experiences, projects, and classroom practices have we developed that enhance our students’ understanding of the diversity of our society? What practices or projects allow for successful integration of diverse disciplinary approaches? How have we altered our programs to meet the demands of a student population with increasingly diverse educational backgrounds, work experiences, and scheduling needs?

The overarching goal continues to be the improvement of student learning outcomes, creation of more meaningful assessment techniques, and introduction of new approaches that will best meet the needs of our students.


Possible paper topics or presentations could include:

• Designing Courses for Online and Distance Learning
• Incorporating students’ diverse backgrounds into the classroom experience
• Developing Study Abroad Programs and Opportunities to learn about diverse cultures
• Teaching the Returning Student
• Integrating Students with Disabilities into the Classroom
• Teaching to different Learning Styles and developing projects to all kinds of learners
• Formatting courses to fit different schedules and time constraints (abbreviated/accelerated courses)
• Politics in the classroom and creating a safe environment for diverse opinions
• Facilitating effective group collaborations
• Successful consortiums for students or faculty
• Use of technology and media to connect a diverse student population
• Diverse classroom management styles
• Diversifying instruction with Experiential Learning Projects, Field Assignments, site visits, or service learning
• Creating a range of approaches to assess learning
• Engaging students in critical thinking through a variety of active learning strategies• Fostering interdisciplinary connections through learning communities

Presentations can be given as traditional papers, roundtable discussions, powerpoint presentations, teaching demonstrations, case studies, displays and discussion of student work, or other methods of presentation deemed suitable. 

Instructions for Submission of a proposal: (Abstracts due by November 1, 2014)

All submissions are to be made through an online form available on the conference website   


.  You can submit a full panel of three presentations, partial panels of two presentations, single presentations, or roundtables that run 40 minutes. Each individual presentation should be limited to 20 minutes to allow for audience comments and questions at the end. The submission form requires name, institutional affiliation, email address, and title for each presentation, a 250-300 word abstract for each presentation, and (when submitting a full panel) a panel title.

Send all questions or communication to the conference committee at