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Career Programs

A.A.S. Two-Year Degree

The Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Programs provide the knowledge and skills needed in the rapidly expanding hospitality field.Our students will understand the regulations and standards which govern the hospitality industry and culinary arts, and will be proficient in food preparation, purchasing, cost control, and all phases in the hospitality industry.

Students may choose from a variety of degree and certificate programs which include Hospitality Management, General Hospitality Studies, Event Planning and Management, Catering and Banquet Management, and Culinary Entrepreneurship.


  • AAS.BT.HR.HOSP –Hospitality Management
  • AAS.BT.HR.CATER – Catering and Banquet Management
  • AAS.BT.HR.GEN – General Curriculum
  • AAS.BT.HR.EVENT – Event Planning and Management
  • AAS.BT.HR.CUL.ERP – Culinary Entrepreneurship