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Call for Papers and Presentations

The Meadowlands campus of Bergen Community College is hosting its third annual one- day conference dedicated to the exchange of ideas and “best practices” among educators. The theme of this year’s conference is “collaborations and connections.” While we will consider submissions on any topic related to pedagogy, scholarly research, or best practices in the college environment, we encourage submissions that highlight the many collaborative relationships and connections we use to enhance the learning experience.

The purpose of the conference is to provide community college educators, high school educators, and four year college educators with a forum to exchange successful strategies for building productive collaborative relationships that can benefit our students. How have faculty and staff partnered within the college or with organizations, institutions, and educational partners beyond the college? How do we use technology today to provide our students with connections to other cultures, communities, and colleagues? How can community colleges strengthen relationships with local four year colleges and help our students segue into these four year colleges successfully? How can we forge and utilize connections with local employers to better prepare students for workforce demands and professional life? What kinds of assignments, learning experiences, projects, technologies, and classroom practices have we developed that utilize collaborative relationships with other faculty, community resources, or the professional world to enhance our students’ learning? What classroom practices or projects allow for successful collaborative learning by students?

The overarching goal continues to be the improvement of student learning outcomes, creation of more meaningful assessment techniques, and introduction of new approaches that will best meet the needs of our community college students.

Possible paper topics or presentations could include:

  • Team or Co-teaching opportunities or paired courses such as American Language or English Basic Skills paired with General Education courses
  • Collaborations with local businesses or organizations that provide students with training or models of workplace or professional demands
  • Successful consortiums for students or faculty
  • Use of technology and media to connect students to other communities
  • Internships and Co-ops that create connections to outside organizations or businesses
  • Experiential Learning Projects, Field Assignments, travel abroad programs, site visits, that provide a connection to community resources
  • Partnerships or outreach efforts with theaters, schools, libraries and museums, veterans associations, and other community organizations
  • Research or theory based papers on collaborations among faculty, colleges, organizations, etc
  • Articulations between high schools, community colleges, and four year or professional schools
  • High school and college courses designed to acclimate students to college expectations
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to a field
  • Creative Classroom exercises that emphasize student collaboration

Presentations can be given as traditional papers, roundtable discussions, PowerPoint presentations, teaching demonstrations, case studies, displays and discussion of student work, or other methods of presentation deemed suitable.

Instructions for Submission: (Abstracts due by November 1, 2013)

250-300 word abstracts for papers, presentations, or roundtables should be submitted as MS Word Document attachments and must include presenter’s name, address, institutional affiliation, and email, title of presentation or paper, full description of presentation, and any media/technology required (all rooms will be “smart rooms”). If you plan to present with a co-presenter, please also indicate whether you will be requiring only a single time block of 20 minutes or a double time block of 40 minutes for your full presentation. Both full panels of 3 presenters and a moderator and also individual submissions (which will be grouped into 3 person panels at the discretion of the conference organizers) are welcome. Each paper or presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in length to allow time for questions and comments from the audience. Proposed roundtables should include a minimum of 3 roundtable discussion leaders and should be clearly labeled as roundtables.

Send all abstracts and communication to Sarah Shurts and Maureen Ellis-Davis at